Thursday, 2 September 2010

Difficult decisions...

I'm supposed to be in Jerusalem now but am back in my little flat in London waiting for Pizza Hut to deliver! It's been a week of difficult decisions - whether to stay in the UK or fly with the group to Jerusalem... I stayed put!

There has been an emergency with one of our partner churches (I'll tell more in a later blog but now it is not appropriate!) I am having to make difficult decisions all the time but finding support comes in many forms - Francis getting my lunch as I needed to be by the phone. Heather getting me a Mars Milkshake - and then allowing me to join the youth and children's team to have a 'picnic' on the office floor! Jo's general thoughtfulness and 'having a giggle' even in the midst of the stress (oh and crunchie bars!!) Ann and Richard's smiles and words of encouragement and support!

Yes it has been a day of difficult decisions but a blessed day too - I am fortunate to be part of such a great team and to know people are praying for me and the situation!

Yes, I am in London when my friends are in Jerusalem - but I am happy...

Oh, and here comes the Pizza!!!