Monday, 23 August 2010

Singing around the World... At Windermere!

I'm in the Lake District this week at the Windermere Centre ( for the annual Come and Sing event! It's a 4 day long singing course which attracts singers from both within and outside of the URC. It has a regular crowd of folk who gather each year (always with one or two new people whom are made very welcome!) 

This year we have a new leader in my friend Carole and her theme is 'Around the World'... so she invited me to lead worship! This opportunity has given me the chance to reflect on the last year and use some of the songs and stories I have gathered on my journey around the world! Stories such as visiting the Hector Pieterson Memorial Museum in Soweto, South Africa, or the visit to Cape Coast slave castle in Ghana... 

So, I look forward to sharing and singing with old friends and new... Oh and also to promoting Belonging to the World Church...

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Some photographs from the last year...

A group of URC Ministers visited the Presbyterian Church of Mynamar (Burma)
Top of the Sydney Tower, Australia
 WARC Global Dialogue South Africa

 Durgapur, India
Kids in the Child study and development centre for 'underpriviledged'

 Budiriro, Zimbabwe


Taroko Gorge, Taiwan
Church Leaders' visit to the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan

 Brooklyn Bridge, New York

WCRC Uniting General Council, Grand Rapids

Monday, 16 August 2010

First posting...

Welcome to my new blog... Here, hopefully, I intend to post reflections etc from my life travelling round the world as a URC Secretary for World Church Relations..

These blogs are entirely personal and don't reflect any policy or thinking of the URC...

I hope you enjoy!